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The timestamp in the property field

Today we show you a case of use for the timestamp. As explained in previous posts, digital content can be demonstrated with legal validity thanks to the timestamp. For professionals and clients in the property fiels, as well as for lawyers who work in this field, digital evidence of offers and contracts can be very important.

The lawyer who contacted us worked with clients selling real estate in Spain. They proved, thanks to our tool and the legal certification, the signed contract with the real estate company, which promoted the sales.

Timestamps are used in many different areas and in this case not only allow the certification of the contract, but also the entire content of the published offer.


Guarantee and security for any businesses

This simple process ensures, that the offer was published safely and that all parties benefit from it.  On the one hand, it’s reassuring for the owner of the property to know that the conditions and characteristics of the offer are recorded and in case of noncompliance on the part of the real estate company, the lawyer may claim for damages against this company.

On the other hand this represents an addational guarantee for the real estate companies and gives more confidence to potentional customers who want to sell or rent their property and of course also for the potentional customers who would like to buy or rent these properties.


International legal validity

The international legal validity is very important in this case because some clients of the lawyer come from other countries. This international validitiy allows a buyer (regardless of the nationality) to certify a concrete offer (regardless of the location) and thus to be able to enforce claims in case of contract violations.


Evidencias digitales y textos legales

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