Is it easy to manipulate a screenshot?

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The increase in online communication through mass media and the online presence of natural and legal persons means that more and more screenshots are presented as evidence in court.

But there is a problem regarding the legal validity of screenshots. It‘s easy to manipulate them and therefore they can be rejected and arraigned in court. It is important for this purpose to use technological tools to create a valid screenshot.

Do you want to see how easy it is to manipulate a screenshot?

A computer and an editing program such as Paint is sufficient. In the following video we will show you how simple it is to manipulate a screenshot within 30 seconds. As an example we want to change the NIF (spanish tax number) which can be found in our Terms & Conditions.



What do you have to do in order to have a screenshot with legal validity?

Basically it is important to have electronic and incontrovertible evidence in court which can not be arragined by the opposing part. In order to produce such evidence, Terminis uses a timestamp that guarantees that the screenshot of the published content could not have been manipulated.


Evidencias digitales y textos legales

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