What can I do against insults on Facebook?

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Insults on social media

Many people suffer every day under harassment and insults on social media. “What can I do about being insulted on social media?”  This is, unfortunately, one of the top search requests in relation to social networks.


Everyday life on social media

Nowadays we live in 2 interconnected worlds. On the one hand we live in the physical reality, on the other hand we have a „virtual life“. Numerous sociological studies have shown that what happens in these two areas affects us in a similar way.

It’s not surprising that a person which is bullied every time she walks out of the door has depressive tendencies. It’s the same for people who access to their social media profiles and are faced with insults.


Firstly: In order to take action against someone, it is imortant to know who owns your data. In this case Facebook has deposited its data according to the terms and conditions and privacy policy. This means that Facebook can decide whether the profile of the person which offended you will be deleted immediately.


Secondly: Facebook should be informed. One of the 3 following situation will arise:

  • The account of the person that offends you will be deleted.
  • You will receive an automatic message informing you that the case will be reviewed
  • Facebook will inform you that based on the terms and conditions the bullying person protects itself behind the right of freedom of expression. Unfortunately this occurs most frequently.


Thirdly: If Facebook doesn’t pay attention to your case or does not intervene, you can make a complaint. Possibly the judge considers that the facts consitute a crime and an investigation will be opened. In this case, the judge contacts the social network and requests data of the identity of the bullying person.

In this case the current legal sitation is a little bit difficult, because Facebook is not obliged to hand over data and generally doesn’t like to coorporate in those cases.


A digital proof to stop cyberbullying

An alternative to lawsuits is to certify the threatening messages with Terminis. Our task is to create a proof with internatonal validity so that you can contact and warn the offensive person to stop these activities. You can also tell the person, that you have a certified proof of the insults and that you can even demonstrate these insults if the person deletes the messages afterwards.


Without doubt, the will to defend oneself against the insults and aggressions is very important. As already mentioned, we have to be aware about the fact that our lives on the Internet are getting as important as our real life. Therefore, we have to protect ourselves from abouse, wether it occurs on the streets, at work or in social networks


Evidencias digitales y textos legales

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