What is online reputation?

First impressions count

Do you know your company’s online reputation? Or the online reputation of your own person? Nowadays, the success of companys and individuals is under the influence of their online reputation.

Wether dentists who are dealing with bad online reviews from patients, negative comments regarding restaurants on social media, or bad reviews of products on the Internet. The online reputation has a huge impact on the order situation of companies. The same applies to individuals. The online reputation can affect for example the application for a job and can lead to rejection. By the way, a Bitkom survey showed that every other recruiter screens the candidates on the Internet.


                      „The internet never forgets“

Tweets, photos on social networks, information on the website of the employer, blog posts, forum posts: On the Internet everyone can give an opinion. However, for outside observers it is often not clear whether comments are credible or whether they have been invented. Based on those comments and the information which can be found on the Internet, the online reputation develops.


Tip: Use Google Alerts! By creating an alert on your name or your company’s name, Google Alerts sends you an email when it finds new results that match with the search terms.


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A company’s online reputation

The company’s online reputation is no longer formed only by the information on the company’s website. Countless of review portals exist on the Internet, where reviews and opinions regarding services and products can be found. Furthermore people can share their experiences with a certain company on social media. Normally the companies don’t have access to these reviews. They can only be edited or deleted by the author.

Fake reviews published by competing companies are not uncommon. These are used to criticize the performance of competitors in order to take the lead. The publication of those untruths is illegal and can ruin a company’s reputation.


Generation of evidence with Terminis

Someone disseminates false information about you or your company on the internet? Someone created fake profiles or published without your agreement photos that can negatively affect your online reputation?

Create as soon as possible a digital proof with Terminis. You have to copy the URL that contains the content that has been published about you and can harm your online reputation and enter the URL in our platform. We take a screenshot and add a timestamp to it, in order to be able to demonstrate that the content was available on the Internet at a given date and time. In addition, we track the registred content 24/7. If the author changes or deletes the information or the content (text, images, tweet, etc.) which can damage your reputation, you can prove when the content existed in the past, when it has been removed and what has been edited.

Our digital evidence has international legal validity. In a previous blogpost, we showed how easy it is to manipulate a screenshot in 30 seconds. This explains, why the authenticity of screenshots can be suspected by the opposite side in court.


Do you want to learn more about the online reputation?

Here you will find a guide with tips for managing your online reputation.



Evidencias digitales y textos legales

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