Would you like to certificate and monitor PDF files with Terminis?

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Would you like to proof the content of a published PDF? Would you like to know if this content has been modified in the course of time?


The process for registering a published PDF or HTML content from a website is the same:

  1. Introduce the URL in our platform. In order to register a PDF, the PDF has to be published in a URL or a website. The URL has to end on .pdf so that our system can detect and monitorize the file without problems.
  2. After the registration, Terminis will monitor the file. Terminis will monitor continously the content of the PDF. This means, that we verify every few minutes the content and generate a new version when the PDF content changes.
  3. Access to the history of versions. From your control panel you have access to your timeline or history of versions. There you can see all versions of your PDF that we created in the course of time. Furthermore, you can see the changes in the PDF content thanks to our version comparator.
  4. Download our content report. From your control panel you can download as many content reports as you like. With this you can proof the PDF content from a website in any given moment.


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Do the registred PDF’s have the same legal validity than any other published content?

Yes, the system we use in order to get legal validity works the same for PDF’s and HTML content. What does this mean? That we generate timestamps continously. This enables us to proof the PDF content not only in a given moment but also for a longer time period. We have to remind you, that the registration of a PDF does not contain a screenshot as a proof. This means, that it is impossible to download a screenshot and the screenshot will not be part of the report.


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