How do you denounce a tweet?

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Knowing how to deal with abuse in social networks is an essential skill for anyone who uses them, even more so if we are victims of any type of aggression through them. In the case of Twitter, this problem is more frequent than on other platforms, mainly because of the anonymity and the easiness of aggression that this site offers. When this happens, we ask ourselves: ‘When should I act?’, ‘How do I denounce a tweet?’, ‘Can this type of practice constitute a serious offense?’, ‘How can I prove that someone is assaulting me?’ Unfortunately, the information we found on the Internet about how to deal with these uncomfortable situations is, in our opinion, incomplete.

In the first place, the user is encouraged to interact with the person who is generating the abusive content in order to try to stop their activity, unfortunately, this practice often has the opposite effect. So the most effective option is simply to stop any type of communication with the aggressor.

The second most frequent advice is to inform the authorities. This point is very important because we have to keep in mind that the content of a tweet can be classified at the same level as fraud or physical aggression, and we are protected by law.

Suppose that you are in the position to disclose the facts to the authorities. We have to take into account three points:

  • Difficulty in identifying the aggressor is the main problem and sometimes cause in these types of crimes.
  • Deleting the tweets can make it impossible to disclose our complaint. If the comments disappear, then only with a judicial authorization or with the consent of the social network could we rescue them and finally bring them to the attention of the authorities.
  • Limited collaboration of Twitter (let’s not forget, we are speaking about a North American entity with legislation of that country), in many cases makes it difficult for the investigation of the two previous points.

An innovative solution that makes it possible to immediately certify a tweet is the time stamp of Terminis. All we have to do is copy a URL (Web link) that we want to certify (for example, the timeline of our aggressor´s profile) and paste it into Terminis´ system, and through it we generate Digital Evidence.

This technology has two great advantages:

  • Judicial: unlike a screenshot, digital evidence has judicial validation that is recognized at an international level.
  • Practicality: Even if the aggressor deletes their tweets, in the moment of certification, we have irrefutable evidence of the aggressions that they produced.
  • Platforms: this process is valid for any digital platform that you need to certify (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, blogs, press articles, web pages, etc.)

Finally, we encourage you to certify any content that is violating your rights.  If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to help you!


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