3 easy steps for your sweepstake

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It is becoming increasingly difficult being perceived in a satured market such as the internet. Therefore sometimes lower prices are sought or investments in the advirtising budget are realized. But there have to be more alternatives for companies. Having several ways to market campaigns always represents a competitive advantage.

Contests and sweepstakes can call attention to our company, products and our services. Furthermore, they can help to achieve more interaction with our users and followers in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. This means, it is easy to earn much and risk little.


Take a look a these 3 steps to implement your sweepstake:


  1. Preparation of the legal basis for your contest or sweepstake

It is important that your rules comply with the legal requirements of the game to avoid possible claims of participants and administration

Remember to define the requirements that have to be accepted by the participants and to add a description of the prices.


  1. Publication on your website

It is recommended to publish the rules on your website. The rules should be easily accesible for the participants. Link your webiste with your sweestake or the competition.


  1. Register your rules with Terminis to generate electronic evidence

Although in many cases the notarial deposit of the rules is not required by law, it recommended to deposit them in order to prove to the participants, that the rules did’nt change during the contest. This will help the also generate more trust and transparancy for the users.


Terminis provides an alternative for the online registration of rules in only 2 minutes and 40€. All of our registration have legal validity and can be presented as a evidence in court.

Register your rules now! You just have to copy the URL with your contest rules and paste it in the following link.


Evidencias digitales y textos legales

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