Do I have to deposit the rules for sweepstakes with a notary?

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Sweepstakes and contests are a good possibility to promote your company and your products. More and more companies offer contests and sweepstakes and ask us how to publish the contest rules properly. In this blogpost we would like to talk about the need for the certification of rules, since this issue often leads to confusion on the internet.


Required by law? No. Necessary? Yes.

Currently there are no rules saying,  that the notarial deposit constitutes a basis for the publication of a competition or a contest. However, the certification through a legally recognized authority creates additionally more trust for the participants and helps you to protect yourself from potential claims by the participants and the administration. Furthermore, rules which are difficult to understand or not properly published can plunge potential participants.

It often happens that a competitor copies rules. This leads to many conflicts and high fines, since each sweepstake is different. We recommend you to register and certify your rules.

There are 2 options:


  1. Notary depostit

This is the classic form of depositation. The price depends on the notary, but normally will be between 100 and 150 euros.


  1. Online certification with Terminis

With Terminis, you can not only prove that your sweepstakes rules are published, but also since when they are public. Additionally, you can prove that the rules didn’t change during the competition. We generate this evidence with a timestamp technology and our service is much cheaper than the notarial deposit.


In a previous blogpost, we already showed you 3 easy steps to succesfully deposit your rules with Terminis. Learn more about it here.


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